I decided to indulge myself on Basketball reference and look at some of the deeper stats that made up our team last year. Some statistics are obvious, others are painfully obvious, and some may actually surprise you. Today we will briefly go through Deron Williams, and talk about some of our most used lineups throughout the season and how they did per 100 poss.

Deron Williams


Off the bat, this one may have surprised me the most. I got the impression that while on the floor, our offense ran better and we scored more points with Deron Williams running the show. At times, he would paired with Barea, Felton, or Devin Harris. So take that into account when reading the results.

With Deron Williams NOT on the court, the teams offensive rating was better overall. The Mavs grabbed -1.8 offensive rebounds, +3.0 assists, all while Williams played a possible 53% of all minutes. The opponent, however, would average +1.8 more defensive rebounds, +1.1 blocks, and their pace would slow down by -2.4. None of these numbers are staggering, but in total, with Deron Williams on the floor our Offensive Rating was an overall average of -0.9 worse with him out there. By no means is that an indictment of his performance, and it could be a result of the lineups he may have had to play in.



Deron Williams was involved in 8 of the 10 most played lineups. The most common lineup played last year was the starting lineup of Williams, Matthews, Parsons, Dirk, and Zaza. They played a total of 418 minutes together. With Parsons hurt, the other four players played over 700 minutes together and would be by far the most used group of guys. Carlisle sporadically throughout the year would place Felton, Barea, or Harris in the 5th slot of that lineup. The other most common lineup that played 272 minutes together was Williams, Felton, Mathews, Dirk, and Zaza. This is during the absence of Parsons.

The lineup of Williams, Felton, Mathews, Dirk, and Zaza boasts some of the best numbers overall. The original starting lineup has stagnant numbers, none of them stand out and could be described as “keeping up” with the other team. But, the Williams, Felton, Mathews, Dirk, and Zaza 5-man has plus-numbers almost entirely across the board. The one the stands out to me, is that lineup averaged +11.9 points per 100 poss. when facing their opponents. That was our second most used lineup, it didn’t include Parsons, and proved to be consistent. This is partially why I wish we kept Felton and found somewhere to put Devin Harris. Other numbers from this lineup include a +2.5 steals, +1.5 assists, +12% FT%,. The ONLY category where this group faltered was in blocks. Every other stat is, per 100 possessions, better than the other team.

To be fair, Parsons belongs to a lineup that played 61 minutes in total. It included Williams, Felton, Parsons, Matthews, Dirk. Per 100 poss. they averaged +30 more points than their opponent. Deron Williams and Felton again proving they are effective when they play along side each other. Surprisingly, they were the 12th most used combo last year. Their numbers together aren’t as strong as their showings in some of these lineups would indicate, though.


At the end of the season, here are where the Mavs ranked in the following categories:

Pace 94.3 (22/30)
Off. Rtg 106.7 (11/30)
PPG: 102.3 (16/30)
Opponents PPG: 102.6 (14/30)
Attendance: (3/30)
Finished 2nd in the Southwest Division behind San Antonio.


The photo of Deron Williams is from this moment last year, probably my favorite moment!

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