I dropped Mavs World 29 today, it’s the first podcast since July! This podcast focuses heavily on trying to predict the upcoming season for the Mavs. Andrew Bogut was, to me, a huge addition to this team pending health.

On the next episode I look to dive into some of the roster battles that are going on right now. Seth Curry and Jonathan Gibson, Quincy Acy and Dwight Powell, and so forth. This team has a lot of depth and we have a lot to look forward to as Mavs fans.  Here are some links to relevant videos and posts from Mavs Media Day, as well as an MP3 download for this edition of the Mavs World Podcast. I would recommend watching the media day scrimmage. It gets off to a super slow start but Rick does some nice intros for the guys. Seth Curry gets a lot of playing time, and we also see AJ Hammonds, Salah, Justin Anderson, JJ Barea, Acy, Barnes, Gibson, and some of the other guys we picked up this off season.

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Mavs Scrimmage

JJ Barea’s sweet Alley-Oop to Dwight Powell!

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