The Mavs suck. Boy was I wrong about how their season would start. I was right about Harrison Barnes but thats literally it. Deron Williams having a resurgence…..wrong, he’s barely been able to play. Wes Matthews having a comeback season and a strong offensive season…wrong, very wrong. The Mavericks do have a very strong defense but guess what they ant score even 90 points a game. That is awful. Am I happy that the Mavs are more likely than not going to have a top pick, kind of, kind of not. Do we really trust Mark Cuban to do the draft right? I really don’t know. Guess what were gonna have too!!


Moving on to another subject….Chandler Parsons…If you haven’t read the Timmy Mac piece on the relationship between Cuban and Parsons you really should its fantastic. The biggest thing that stood out to me in the article was how much Parsons really wanted to be here. We really did the guy dirty if I’m being honest. Cuban basically ignored him all off season,  Parsons even offered a home town discount (you can believe that or not). The other aspect of the article that really intrigued me was the fact that Parsons wanted to pair himself and Harrison Barnes together. Man i think that would have been fun to watch and a damn good spring actually. DO i think ur record would be any better this, no. Parsons has been hurt most of the year but if we could have

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