​Just as I stated in one of my earlier articles discussing his preseason woes, that MFFL’s having nothing to worry about and it’s nice to see I was right about him!

​Barnes is currently averaging a solid 21 ppg, 6.5 rebounds, and about 1 assist per contest being a consistent lift for the Mavericks despite the record the Mavericks have of 1-5. Two of the losses Dallas suffered went to the wire. Took the Pacers to OT because of Harrison Barnes’ shot which took them into extra basketball where he posted 19 pts and 9 rebounds. Although he didn’t do much in the way of scoring in the second game (10 pts & 5 rebounds) against the Rockets where it was a down to the last second game and he was still a factor in the game although it was his lowest scoring game on the season. As Dallas continues to play without Dirk in the line-up, this is Harrison Barnes’ real time to shine and show what he can do now and what he is capable of going forward and the game against Milwaukee was a perfect example of how effective he can be, dropping 34 points on 13-26 shooting following a double-double in the previous game. I’ve noticed myself that he is taking the ball to the basket more than he has ever done in the past. Constantly knocking down shots and making the clutch ones when they were needed on multiple occasions at the end of the game knowing the team was struggling at the beginning of the 4th and he delivered.
The only real problem I see for Dallas besides slight defensive woes, is their shooting efficiency, with JJ shooting 40% FG and Matthews shooting 28%…..AND 24% from 3!!!!! Had to put these 2 guys on blast His inconsistent shooting this season is really affecting them as a team, especially being one of the main scoring guys in the offense; his woes have really gotten under my skin because I know he is a better shooter than this. The Mavericks are shooting a mediocre 41% from the field as a team and 31% from the 3-point line, so if you’re looking for one of the reasons we have so many losses; you should take this into account and realize this is a big part in it. With next four games for the Mavericks being on the road, they look to improve their shooting and keep making sure Barnes gets his touches as they look to pick up some more wins on this 4 game road stand. On the plus side, the Mavericks held star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo to just 11 pts, 7 rebounds, and 2 assists in the contest, those being his lowest stats in those 3 categories on the season, whereas he usually fills up the stat sheet for his team. So that is a testament to what we can do on the defense end and holding the Bucks to scoring just 75 in the game, we just have to continue that as the season progresses.



Mavs vs. Bucks Nov. 6, 2016


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